Appalachian Food Services has been self-operated since 1925 and is committed to serving the Appalachian community using sustainable practices, creative and intentional menu planning, and constantly engaging in the ever-chaning dialogue surrounding food. 

Being self-operated mean that Food Services is a part of Appalachian State University, not an outside, for-profit corporation, and offers services designed for the campus community's specific needs. Dine at Roess Dining Hall, Trivette Hall, and at McAlister's or Cascades in Plemmons Student Union. Enjoy freshly baked goods from the Bake Shop in dining halls or by placing a special order. Work with our catering team to create your ideal study break or luncheon. Grab a snack from one of the 150 vending machines on campus. Grocery shop, or grab lunch on the go from campus markets. 

By working with the Office of Sustainability, Food Services has made changes to lessen the environmental impact of dining opperations. Efforts include curbing waste through a food recovery program with the Hunger and Health Coalition, supporting the local economy through local purchasing, and composting pre- consumer and post-consumer waste. 

Food Services employs approximately 900 people. Of these employees, approximately 500-700 are temporary positions filled by Appalachian State University students, making Food Services the largest employer of students on campus. 

Appalachian Food Services receives no state funding, and is 100 percent receipt supported.