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Appalachian Food Services, part of Auxiliary Services, is unique when compared to food services at other universities. We are proudly operated by Appalachian State University (not by an outside, for-profit corporation, like many other schools) and we offer the University community complete meal service, as well as catering and vending. Food Services employs approximately 900 people. Of these employees, approximately 500-700 are temporary positions filled by Appalachian State University students. Appalachian Food Services receives no state funding.

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AppCard Office
Tuesday, July 29, 2014 - 9:53am
The AppCard Office will be open extended hours on the following dates:Wednesday, August 13th:...
Blue Ride Burger
Tuesday, July 29, 2014 - 9:43am
Like local food?  Like burgers and brats? Appalachian Food Services is proud to serve...
McAlister's Deli Tea Tumblers
Monday, July 28, 2014 - 4:23pm
McAlister's Deli Tea Tumblers are back for a limited time. Purchase a McAlister’s Deli Tea...

Food Services is responsible for the following:


The AppCard works as a multifunction ASU photo ID card that allows access to meal plan accounts, express accounts, and many other services offered by ASU.

Meal Plans

Meal Plans operate on a declining balance system, which makes it possible for students to decide where and when to spend their money. We offer four declining balance Meal Plans, which are accepted in all dining units of Appalachian Food Services, The Market (campus convenience stores), Crossroads Coffee House and all vending machines. Students living in residence halls are required to select a Meal Plan each semester. Students living off-campus may choose to purchase a Meal Plan.

Appalachian Express Accounts

The Appalachian Express Account is an optional account for students, faculty or staff. This account allows for funds to be deposited and then accessed by the AppCard in specific campus locations. The Appalachian Express Account is separate from the Meal Account, but it is still accessed by the AppCard.


Food Services operates numerous dining units on campus. We also post up-to-date facility information, operating schedules and weekly menus.

All food items on our serving lines are priced individually; so that, you may choose what you want to eat. The dining units accept the AppCard (with either Meal Plan or Express Account balances), MasterCard, Visa or cash for payment.

Catering & Special Events

Appalachian Food Services Catering offers a wide range of services, from a formal dinner, to a coffee break or an outdoor event for customers affiliated with Appalachian State University (faculty, staff, students and parents).

Appalachian Food Services is here to serve you. Please contact us with any suggestions, concerns or opinions about any of our operations or policies.

meal & express accounts deposit now parents and guests can deposit funds into a student's meal or express account online


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Mailing Address
Appalachian Food Services
P.O. Box 32061
Boone, NC, 28608 USA

Physical Address
(during Trivette Hall renovations)
Appalachian Food Services
Old Broyhill Inn &
Conference Center
775 Bodenheimer Drive
Boone, NC 28607 USA

Physical Address
Appalachian Food Services
170 Stadium Drive
Boone, NC, 28608 USA

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