Always Local & Sustainable List

What is "Local?"

Always Local and Sustainable List 

This list is updated yearly to include products and ingredients that are usually purchased locally and/or sustainably and can be enjoyed through Appalachian Food Services outlets. 

Note:  Some items may fall into two or more categories

ProductLocal/Sustainable SourceAppalachian Grown™Got to Be NC / Goodness GrowsNCRegionalThird-party
ASU Bottled WaterDeep Gap, NC  X  
ASU FarmDepp Gap, NC     
Conrad's CoffeeBoone, NC  X  
Conrad's CoffeeRoasted in Boone, NC  X X
BeerNorth Carolina  X  
WineNorth Carolina  X  
CoffeeRainforest Alliance Certified    X
McAlister's Deli TeaRainforest Alliance Certified     X
EggsVarious locations, NC  X  
Glenview Farms Milk ProductsVarious locations, NC  XX 
Stonyfield Farm Organic YogurtStonyfield Farm Organic Yogurt    X
Allen Brothers Millin Co., Inc. CornmealColumbia, SC XX  
NEW Annie's Bakery Bread ProductsAsheville, NC X  
Atkinson Milling Co. Hushpuppy MixSelma, NC  X  
Bridgford Demi RollsStatesville, NC  X  
Don Pancho Tortillas (corn, flour, spinach herb, tomato basil, wheat)Halifax, NC  X  
Midstate Mills, LLC GritsConover, NC XX  
Orange Bakery Inc. Bread ProductsHutersville, NC  X  
Sara Lee or Earthgrains Breads (white and wheat sandwich breads, hamburger buns, hotdog buns)Valdese, NC  X  
Cross Valley Farms (Fruit Salad, Pasta Salad, Potato Salad)Columbia, MD    X
Del Pasado Jalapeno PeppersMt. Olive, NC  X  
Drake's Fresh Pasta Company TortelliniHigh Point, NC  X  
First Noodle Company, Inc. ProductsCharlotte, NC  X  
Hospitality MintsBoone, NC  X  
Mt. Olive Pickle and Relish ProductsMt. Olive, NC  X  
NEW Rykoff Sexton/Bungee Canola Frying OilNEW Rykoff Sexton/Bungee Canola Frying Oil     X
Smiling Hara Organic TempehAsheville, NC  X X
Sunny Creek Organic TofuTryon, NC  X X
Texas Pete Hot Sauce ProductsWinston-Salem, NC  X  
Cangialosi Specialty Meats MeatballsGreensboro, NC XX  
Carolina Turkey Turkey ProductsGarner, NC  X  
Chandler Foods BBQ SauceGreensboro, NC  X  
Fieldale Farms ChickenBaldwin, GA    
Goodnight Brothers Country HamBoone, NC XX  
House of Raeford Turkey Products (ground turkey, turkey breast roasts)Rose Hill, NC  X  
King's Delight ChickenGainesville, GA   X 
Marjac Fresh ChickenGainesville, GA   X 
Metro Deli TurkeyKings Mountain, NC  X  
North Fork Farms Beef & PorkZionville, NCX X  
Pilgrim's Pride ChickenNEW Pilgrim's Pride Chicken   X 
Swaggerty's Pork Sausage (links & patties)Kodak, TN   X 
Wayne Farms Fresh ChickenOakwood, GA   X 
Goodnight Family Department of Sustainable Development Teaching and Research Farm Pork and ProduceAshe County NC  X  
Lett-US-Produce Distributor ProduceBoone, NCX XX 
Moretz Mountain Orchard & Farm ApplesBoone, NC X  X  
New Appalachia ProduceBoone, NC XXX  X
Sweet PotatoesVarious locations, NC XXX  
Sea to Table Fish & SeafoodVarious locations  XXX
Ken's Dressings  McDonough, GA     
Patuxent Farms Chicken      
Shipley Farms Steamship Round      
Sealtest Milk Products      
Tropical Nuts and FruitCharlotte, NC     
CornucopiaGraham, NC     
Inland Seafood Various Locations, NC     
FreshpointCharlotte, NC     
Foster CavinessColfax, NC      

For more information on Local Food & Partnerships, please visit our Local Food page.