Always Local & Sustainable List

Appalachian Food Services has developed (and will continue to add to) an Always Local & Sustainable list of products served in our dining facilities.  

We are currently purchasing 20% from local sources and look to increase this percentage in future years.  We want to establish lasting and beneficial relationships with local farmers and producers, as well as help develop a stronger local economy by supporting NC businesses.

In addition to the items listed below, The Markets sell a selection of Local & Organic products.

What is "Local"

  • Appalachian Grown™ products
  • Got to Be NC / Goodness Grows in NC products
  • NC products
  • Regional products (grown and produced within 250 miles of Appalachian)
  • Third-party certified products

Note:  Some items may fall into two or more categories

CategoryItem(s)Appalachian Grown™Got to Be NC / Goodness GrowsNCRegionalThird-party
BeveragesASU Bottled Water ~ Deep Gap, NC  X  
BeveragesConrad's Coffee ~ Boone, NC  X  
BeveragesConrad's Organic Coffee ~ Boone, NC  X X
BeveragesNorth Carolina Beer  X  
BeveragesNorth Carolina Wine  X  
BeveragesRainforest Alliance Certified Coffee    X
BeveragesRainforest Alliance Certified Tea at McAlister's Deli    X
DairyEggs – various locations, NC  X  
DairyGlenview Farms Milk Products ~ various locations, NC  XX 
DairyStonyfield Farm Organic Yogurt    X
GrainsAllen Brothers Millin Co., Inc. Cornmeal ~ Columbia, SC XX  
GrainsNEW Annie's Bakery Bread Products ~ Asheville, NC X  
GrainsAtkinson Milling Co. Hushpuppy Mix ~ Selma, NC  X  
GrainsBridgford Demi Rolls (wheat, white) ~ Statesville, NC  X  
GrainsDon Pancho Tortillas (corn, flour, spinach herb, tomato basil, wheat) ~ Halifax, NC  X  
GrainsMidstate Mills, LLC Grits ~ Conover, NC XX  
GrainsOrange Bakery Inc. Bread Products ~ Hutersville, NC  X  
GrainsSara Lee or Earthgrains Breads (white and wheat sandwich breads, hamburger buns, hotdog buns) ~ Valdese, NC  X  
GroceryNEW Cross Valley Farms (Fruit Salad, Pasta Salad, Potato Salad) ~ Columbia, MD    X
GroceryNEW Del Pasado Jalapeno Peppers ~ Mt. Olive, NC  X  
GroceryDrake's Fresh Pasta Company Tortellini ~ High Point, NC  X  
GroceryFirst Noodle Company, Inc. Products ~ Charlotte, NC  X  
GroceryNEW Harvest Value Sweet Pickle Relish ~ Mt. Olive, NC  X  
GroceryHospitality Mints ~ Boone, NC  X  
GroceryMt. Olive Pickle Products (Banana Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Dill Chips, Dill Kosher Spear, Relish) ~ Mt. Olive, NC  X  
GroceryNEW Rykoff Sexton/Bungee Canola Frying Oil     X
GrocerySmiling Hara Organic Tempeh ~ Asheville, NC  X X
GrocerySunny Creek Organic Tofu ~ Tryon, NC  X X
GroceryTexas Pete Hot Sauce Products ~ Winston-Salem, NC  X  
GroceryTropical Fruit & Nut Products ~ Charlotte, NC  X  
MeatsButterball Turkey Products ~ Mt. Olive, NC  X  
MeatsCangialosi Specialty Meats Meatballs ~ Greensboro, NC XX  
MeatsCarolina Turkey Rotisserie Turkey Breast ~ Garner, NC  X  
MeatsChandler Foods BBQ Sauce ~ Greensboro, NC  X  
MeatsChef's Line Turkey Burger ~ Garner, NC  X  
MeatsNEW Fieldale Farms Chicken ~ Baldwin, GA    
MeatsGoodnight Brothers Country Ham ~ Boone, NC XX  
MeatsHouse of Raeford Turkey Products (ground turkey, turkey breast roasts) ~ Rose Hill, NC  X  
MeatsKing's Delight Chicken ~ Gainesville, GA   X 
MeatsMarjac Fresh Chicken ~ Gainesville, GA   X 
MeatsNEW Metro Deli Turkey ~ Kings Mountain, NC  X  
MeatsNorth Fork Farms Beef & Pork ~ Zionville, NCX X  
MeatsNorth Fork Farms Bratwurst ~ Zionville, NCX X  
MeatsNorth Fork Farms Italian Sausage ~ Zionville, NCX X  
MeatsNEW Pilgrim's Pride Chicken   X 
MeatsSwaggerty's Pork Sausage (links & patties) ~ Kodak, TN   X 
MeatsWayne Farms Fresh Chicken ~ Oakwood, GA   X 
ProduceAppalachian Goodnight Family Sustainable Development Farm ~ Boone, NC  X  
ProduceHigh Country Grown Produce ~ Boone, NC and surrounding areasX XX 
ProduceLett-US-Produce Distributor Produce ~ Boone, NCX XX 
ProduceMoretz Mountain Orchard & Farm Apples ~ Boone, NC X  X  
ProduceNew Appalachia Produce ~ Boone, NC XXX  X
ProduceSweet Potatoes ~ various locations, NC XXX  
SeafoodSea To Table Fish & Seafood ~ various locations  XXX

For more information on Local Food & Partnerships, please visit our Local Food page.