Local chef joins Food Services team

Chef Danny Bock joined Appalachian Food Services this summer as the Assistant Director for Park Place at the Pond, McAlister’s Select, and Power Bar after a long career working as a local chef, most recently at Coyote Kitchen.

Bock believes every part of the organization comes together to make each student meal possible, and he is ready to take on the challenge of having a leading role.

Coming from the area and having lead culinary efforts at many local restaurants, Bock hopes that his previous knowledge will help him and his team give the students and staff who eat at Park Place “a new twist on the campus dining experience.”

“Being in this setting is great because we can do a little of everything to keep things from getting boring,” Bock said. “If anything we can recreate some of the ‘greatest hits’ to keep the food interesting and tasty”.

Transitioning to Food Services, Danny Bock is excited to use his passion for local food with the department’s commitment to local sourcing.

In the 2017-18 academic year, Food Services purchased 26.86 percent of its food from local sources. Food Services establishes lasting and beneficial relationships with local farmers and producers such as purchasing meat products from Shipley Farms for local food events.

“Personally I have a relationship with Shipley Farms here in Vilas, where they do grass fed beef, just as their grandfather did for the last 80 plus years,” Bock said.

Bock not only enjoys using North Carolina’s regional foods in his menus, but he loves working with the ingredients of each season and learning the history behind local food as well.

“Foods produced locally and how they are prepared create a snapshot of that region’s history,” Bock said. “Long before refrigerators existed, once a food product was ripe and harvested it had to be either prepared and eaten or preserved; each area had different ways that people enjoyed their food.”

Being a local chef has given Bock an unique expertise in the local food industry, and he is ready to bring his experience to the Food Services team.

No matter what, to Bock, “the food always has to taste good."

Story by Lindsay Ficklin '21

A head shot of Chef Danny Bock
Published: Oct 8, 2018 7:07am