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Appalachian Food Services has developed (and will continue to add to) an Always Local list of products served in our dining facilities.  Look for the Always Local icon to identify these items in the Food Services concepts:

We are currently purchasing 14.6% from local sources and look to increase this percentage in future years.  We want to establish lasting and beneficial relationships with local farmers and producers, as well as help develop a stronger local economy by supporting NC businesses.

In addition to the items listed below, The Markets sell a selection of Local & Organic products.

What is "Local"

  • Appalachian Grown™ products
  • Got to Be NC / Goodness Grows in NC products
  • NC products
  • Regional products (grown and produced within 250 miles of Appalachian)
  • Third-party certified products

Note:  Some items may fall into two or more categories

CATEGORYITEM(S)Appalachian Grown™Got to Be NC / Goodness GrowsNCRegionalThird-party
BeveragesASU Bottled Water ~ Deep Gap, NC  X  
BeveragesConrad's Coffee ~ Boone, NC  X  
BeveragesConrad's Organic Coffee ~ Boone, NC  X X
BeveragesNorth Carolina Beer  X  
BeveragesNorth Carolina Wine  X  
BeveragesRainforest Alliance Certified Coffee    X
DairyEggs – various locations, NC  X  
DairyPET Milk Products ~ various locations, NC  XX 
DairyStonyfield Farm Organic Yogurt    X
GrainsBridgford Demi Rolls ~ Statesville, NC  X  
GrainsDon Pancho Tortillas (flour, spinach herb, tomato basil, wheat) ~ Halifax, NC  X  
GrainsMidstate Mills, Inc. Tenda-Bake Cornmeal & Flour ~ Newton, NC XX  
GrainsMidstate Mills, Inc. Grits ~ Newton, NC XX  
GrainsSara Lee or Earthgrains Breads (white and wheat sandwich breads, hamburger buns, hotdog buns) ~ Valdese, NC  X  
GroceryDrake's Fresh Pasta Company Tortellini ~ High Point, NC  X  
GroceryHospitality Mints ~ Boone, NC  X  
GroceryLight Life Organic Tempeh    X
GroceryMt. Olive Pickle Products ~ Mt. Olive, NC  X  
GroceryOrange Bakery Inc. Turnovers (apple & cherry) ~ Huntersville, NC  X  
GrocerySunny Creek Organic Tofu ~ Tryon, NC  X X
GroceryTexas Pete Hot Sauce ~ Winston-Salem, NC  X  
GroceryTropical Fruit & Nut Products ~ Charlotte, NC  X  
MeatsCangialosi Specialty Meats Meatballs ~ Greensboro, NC XX  
MeatsCarolina Turkey Rotisserie Turkey Breast ~ Garner, NC  X  
MeatsCase Farms Fresh Chicken ~ Morganton, NC  X  
MeatsChandler Foods BBQ Pork ~ Greensboro, NC  X  
MeatsGoodnight Brothers Country Ham ~ Boone, NC XX  
MeatsHouse of Raeford Fresh Chicken ~ Rose Hill, NC  X  
MeatsHouse of Raeford Turkey Products (burgers, ground turkey, turkey breast roasts) ~ Rose Hill, NC  X  
MeatsKing's Delight Chicken ~ Gainesville, GA   X 
MeatsMarjac Fresh Chicken ~ Gainesville, GA   X 
MeatsNorth Fork Farms Beef & Pork ~ Zionville, NCX X  
MeatsNorth Fork Farms Bratwurst ~ Zionville, NCX X  
MeatsSwaggerty's Pork Sausage (links & patties) ~ Kodak, TN    X 
MeatsWayne Farms Fresh Chicken ~ Oakwood, GA   X 
ProduceAppalachian Goodnight Family Sustainable Development Farm ~ Boone, NC  X  
ProduceHigh Country Grown Produce ~ Boone, NC and surrounding areasX XX 
ProduceLett-US-Produce Distributor Produce ~ Boone, NCX XX 
ProduceMoretz Mountain Orchard & Farm Apples ~ Boone, NC X  X  
ProduceNew River Growers Produce ~ Boone, NC XXX  X
ProducePilot Mountain Pride, LLC Produce ~ Mt. Airy, NC   X  
ProduceSweet Potatoes ~ various locations, NC XXX  

For more information on Local Food & Partnerships, please visit our Local Food page.

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